About Dr. Bernard Kassab

Dr. Bernard Kassab gynecologist in Lebanon, is specialist in Obstetrics, Gynecology and fertility.

He started his medical training at St. Joseph University and later completed his obstetrics and gynecology at Claude Bernard university Lyon France.

He specialized in fertility (IVF: In Vitro Fertilisation) and has two diplomas in this field:

-The first is reproductive biology (BDR: Biologie De La Reproduction) from "University Claude Bernard Lyon 1".

-The second fertility (études relatives à la stérilité et les troubles de la reproduction) from the best university in this field "University Rene Descartes Paris V".

 To give the best medical care in OB/GYN he achieved two diplomas related to women’s care during pregnancy the Ultrasound diploma and the Fetal Medicine diploma (high risk pregnancy) from the "University Claude Bernard Lyon 1" France.

He is also specialized in Endoscopic Surgery with a diploma from the best center in endoscopic surgery in France CICE (Centre Internationale De Cirurgie Endoscopique) in Clermont Ferrand France.

He has a diploma in Breast Pathology "Senologie" from "University Claude Bernard Lyon 1". The diploma was about breast pathology and surgery (begins tumors, cancer and plastic surgery)

Since 1999 he worked in several hospitals in Lebanon and now mainly in Levant hospital and Belle Vue hospital.

Throughout his career, he has published several research papers in prominent scientific journals.


Bernard Kassab

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