Laser rejuvenation

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation® (LVR®)

Women´s concern for the appearance and functionality of their genital area is growing exponentially in recent times.
Many approach their gynecologist seeking a minimally invasive solution to problems like vaginal dryness,
mild urinary stress incontinence or vaginal atrophy, with loss of tone and elasticity of the pelvic area.
Advances in aesthetic medical laser technology now offer a convenient and simple solution to the concerns of those women who want to improve the appearance
and functionality of their vagina: vaginal rejuvenation with laser.

New technology has allowed us to offer a revolutionary technique for tightening the vaginal walls.
Using the laser in the vagina wall will stimulate collagen growth, it will tighten the vaginal wall.
It will helps to reduce urinary incontinence.
In addition, feedback from women who have done Laser Vaginal Tightening shows that it helps those that suffer from dryness
and recurrent vaginal infections.

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation® (LVR®) is a one hour outpatient procedure designed to enhance sexual gratification.
In vaginal childbirth, when a baby exits, the muscles, ligaments and fascia within the birth canal may weaken.
This weakness may become worse with additional deliveries or as you age and lead to decreased vaginal muscle tone.
As a result some women experience vaginal looseness, decreased sensation and pleasure, vaginal flatus and an unattractive gaping introitus.
The focus of these procedures is on the reconstruction of the damaged muscles and tissues of the vaginal cavity to decrease the internal and external vaginal diameters.
This procedure restores the vagina and it’s supporting structures to a more youthful, "pre-pregnancy" state.
In doing so, the vagina tightens, which allows for enhanced friction increasing sexual gratification for both men and women.
Vaginal muscle tone and appearance are also enhance.

How does the laser for vaginal rejuvenation work?

This gynecological platform is the most advanced and effective solution for problems of vaginal atrophy and for tightening of the vaginal canal,
without hospitalization, incisions, bleeding or postoperative complications.
This advanced platform is specially designed for the treatment of the vaginal area,
causing a photothermal effect in the tissue which stimulates the reorganization and formation of new collagen in the vaginal mucosa.
This causes the contraction and tension of the walls of the vaginal canal, which regain lubrication, thickness, elasticity and their optimal shape.
Laser energy is delivered into the tissue fractionally, i.e., alternating laser impacts with areas of healthy tissue to promote faster recovery.
laser tightens and strengthens the walls of the vaginal canal, improves lubrication, and restores tone, elasticity and the contractive ability of the vagina.
The procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, without special preparation of the patient or side effects and an immediate return to everyday life.
Advantages of vaginal rejuvenation with laser
• Quick and safe treatment
• Immediate incorporation into daily activity
• Effective method. High patient satisfaction
• Retightens the vaginal canal
• Improves the quality of life
• Improves the general genital appearance

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