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yMr & Mrs AK

We were hopless and we've tried too many centers seeking for a baby. We were referred to dr. Bernard kassab by a friend who have had a succssesful ivf result with him after many years of ivf failure in many lebanease centers.

We had a friendly comprhensive welcome and professional one. This approach give us the energy and the will to try one more time with his care treatment. and it was successful for us, after 14 years of suffering and failure, we've got our CHARBEL and ELIE a healthy twins.

We are thankful for you dr kassab, you brought us the joy and the pleasure to live. Being mother and father after too many years of tentative it was a gift from god and from you doctor. God keep you and your family.


Mr & Mrs A.A

Having our first baby by ivf after 5 years of treatment we decide to have another baby directly after the birth of our girl. During 7 years and 6 try of ivf 3 in Lebanon and 3 overseas, all of these trial were sold by a failure.

After too many recommendation coming from different person talking about hopless cases resolved by dr Bernard kassab, we decide to try a final ivf tentative.

When we consult dr kassab for the first time we were surprised that he gaves us a special care knowing that we had suffered from a hard history. He did for us a complete work up and discover the problem and treat it . it was a successful ivf treatment,and finally we have our baby BOY.

no more treatment no more pain, happiness filled our home.

Thank you dr kassab your are great, your the best.

i recommend for every couple trying without result to consult dr kassab, you will find a different approach and a special care. 


Mr & Mrs MA,

Since our marriage, long time ago, we are living in Paris. For many years, we tried to have a baby but we failed. We did 6 cycles of IVF in a highly reputable center in Paris and all tries were failed. At the end, the center personnel suggested us to adopt a baby because no more chances. Therefore, we decided to come back and try this procedure in Lebanon.

We were advised from our parents that Dr. Kassab helped many couples from our village to get pregnant and deliver babies.

I did my first IVF in Lebanon with Dr. Kassab. Finally !!!!!!!      I am pregnant!!!!!!!

After 5 months of pregnancy and daily care from Dr. Kassab, I went back to France and delivered my girl in the same hospital where they advised me to adopt. 

Thank you dr kassab for your excellent care and help, you changed our live.


Mr & Mrs kt,

Our experience is very special.we are a young couple my age is 25 and my husband 31.

My husband had an operation for a testicular cancer they have done for him an orchidectomy for a testis. And 3 month later the doctors tell him that he have to do a chemotherapy.

To preserve the fertility they prescribe a congelation for the sperm.

We have gone to the lab and we were chocked that ther is few motility spermatozoide and they didn’t accept to congelate because it will not be possible to work with such a smal number.

We call dr kassab on telephone asking if he accept this congelation (my friend give me his number). Not accepting to speek on tel we go to his clinic and consult him in the same day. It was a tuseday and my husband had to do his chemotherapy on thursday.

He ask me about my last period and it was my day 12, and he explain that to congelate such a small number of sperm it will be without any chance.

He did an ultrasound and tell me that i have a follicule 18 mm. He did for me an injection and did ivf cycle on spontaneous cycle pick up on thursday and my husband give the sperm and go to his chemotherapy. One follicule one embryon transfer and 230 bhcg in 14 day…. We got our girl a healthy beautiful girl and now she is 3 years old.

Thank ou dr kassab god helps you to decide the wright decision and we are happy that god put you in our way. Because in our pain you have find the way to help us.



Dr. Bernard Kassab I couldn't have done this without you. You are truly a doctor with morals and care for your patients. There aren't many doctors like you anymore and I have had the pleasure of being your patient. Thank you for taking care of my BABY and I and for going down this journey with us. I wish you the best of success and happiness.



thank you Dr bernard kassab for changing our life. scine 23 years we are doing  all possible treatment to have a baby and we have multiple failure. over 20 times of ivf and cycle of egg donor without any success.

now at 51 years old i got my first baby. finally we are family. i can't find words to describe my hapiness. you are the best, god bless you.



doctors told me to have a baby i have to adopt one. in lebanon it is very difficult to adopt kids. now at 48 years old i still have the desire to have a baby. and even i have tried too much times to be pregnant by ivf treatment no succes.

i decide to do a last trial with dr bernard kassab and it was the success. now i have a little healthy girl who changes my life. thank you dr bernard for your support and care. you change our life.


DY reviewed DR Bernard Kassab5 star

Dr. Kassab m'a accompagnée avec beaucoup de disponibilité et d'écoute durant ma grossesse qui s'est bien passée. Sa gentillesse ainsi que sa vigilance et son professionnalisme m'ont mis très vite en confiance. Son cabinet est accueillant et confortable, les services qu'il offre sont d'une grande efficacité, bref on s'y sent à l'aise. Pour toutes celles qui cherchent un gyneco tant humain que compétent, n'hésitez pas... Pour ma part, j'attends une deuxième grossesse pour y retourner


RS reviewed DR Bernard Kassab5 star

“Choosing a doctor isn’t something that should be taken lightly, and I am so glad I made the choice to become your patient Dr Bernard Kassab .I’m so happy I have found a doctor like you and I believe that I will be a patient for the rest of my life. Thank you for taking the time to care about your job and always look out for your patients.”


5 septembre 2017 

الى دكتورنا العزيز برنار كساب

انا ولدت اليوم مع الساعة 2 ونصف الصبح
الولادة طبيعية الحمد لله كلشي بخير والبيبي خرج بسهولة جدا نحنا كثير فرحانين لا تتصور الفضل لله ولشاطرتك الله يخليك ويسعدك أن شاء الله من نجاح لنجاح
بعد ه بنات وعدة محاولات لانجاب ولد اخيرا و بفضل مجهودك وشطارتك في العلاج لتحديد الجنس للمولود حققتلنا هذه الامنية
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