Some couples' experience

Mr & Mrs MA,

Since our marriage, long time ago, we are living in Paris. For many years, we tried to have a baby but we failed. We did 6 cycles of IVF in a highly reputable center in Paris and all tries were failed. At the end, the center personnel suggested us to adopt a baby because no more chances. Therefore, we decided to come back and try this procedure in Lebanon.
We were advised from our parents that Dr. Kassab helped many couples from our village to get pregnant and deliver babies.
I did my first IVF in Lebanon with Dr. Kassab. Finally !!!!!!!      I am pregnant!!!!!!!
After 5 months of pregnancy and daily care from Dr. Kassab, I went back to France and delivered my girl in the same hospital where they advised me to adopt.
Thank you dr kassab for your excellent care and help, you changed our live.

Mr & Mrs kt,
Our experience is very special.we are a young couple my age is 25 and my husband 31.
My husband had an operation for a testicular cancer they have done for him an orchidectomy for a testis. And 3 month later the doctors tell him that he have to do a chemotherapy.
To preserve the fertility they prescribe a congelation for the sperm.
We have gone to the lab and we were chocked that ther is few motility spermatozoide and they didn’t accept to congelate because it will not be possible to work with such a smal number.
We call dr kassab on telephone asking if he accept this congelation (my friend give me his number). Not accepting to speek on tel we go to his clinic and consult him in the same day. It was a tuseday and my husband had to do his chemotherapy on thursday.
He ask me about my last period and it was my day 12, and he explain that to congelate such a small number of sperm it will be without any chance.
He did an ultrasound and tell me that i have a follicule 18 mm. He did for me an injection and did ivf cycle on spontaneous cycle pick up on thursday and my husband give the sperm and go to his chemotherapy. One follicule one embryon transfer and 230 bhcg in 14 day…. We got our girl a healthy beautiful girl and now she is 3 years old.
Thank ou dr kassab god helps you to decide the wright decision and we are happy that god put you in our way. Because in our pain you have find the way to help us.


doctors told me to have a baby i have to adopt one. in lebanon it is very difficult to adopt kids. now at 48 years old i still have the desire to have a baby. and even i have tried too much times to be pregnant by ivf treatment no succes.
i decide to do a last trial with dr bernard kassab and it was the success. now i have a little healthy girl who changes my life. thank you dr bernard for your support and care. you change our life.


“Choosing a doctor isn’t something that should be taken lightly, and I am so glad I made the choice to become your patient Dr Bernard Kassab .I’m so happy I have found a doctor like you and I believe that I will be a patient for the rest of my life. Thank you for taking the time to care about your job and always look out for your patients.”
MRS & MR Sakhat
Very pleasant, discreet, courteous and caring. Genuinely seeks to understand, explain and answer all our questions & concerns. His clinic is equipped with the latest equipment, in-house facility for laboratory test services and follow up services. Always available to provide the needed assistance with a big smile. He helped me get through difficult phases..So is the case for many other women and couples..I confidently recommend him to people I care for!!


MRS & MR Mansour
Dr. Kassab you were truly inspiring during my past few months of pregnancy. Extremely knowledgeable, sincere and kind. Further to having the cutting-edge techniques in Gynecology, you always provided us with a very objective and scientific point of view for any concern. You took all the time to go over our questions leaving the clinic already feeling much better. Thank you very much for everything and for our little princess.


MRS & MR  Nader
Dr Bernard Kassab est un des meilleurs gynécologues !!!! Professionel et adore sa carrière, tjrs disponible pour répondre a nos questions et nos appels. Le sourire tjrs sur son beau visage. Ma délivrance des deux enfants était super facile !!! Il etait un grand support pour moi durant ma grossesse et un réconfort pour mes inquiétudes, il nous laisse sentir comme si il est un ami et non juste un medecin. Tout simplement c’est un adorable gynecologue !!!!


MRS & MR Jaber
I was very pleased with my experience at dr. kassab clinic. I had the most professional experience a patient can ask for. He followed me step by step in a very caring way. He explained every single conflict that i faced and stood by my side until my due date. He enlightened all options and circumstances that I might face during my pregnancy. Knowing that my baby stopped growing according to the normal rage, however dr. kassab was able to take every single risk and was able to deliver a very healthy baby. To sum it up dr.kassab is one of the best doctors a pregnant woman could consult, for he is patient, knowledgeable, and very accurate. Words can never explain how contented I am with my previous experience and I highly recommend him as gynecologist. Thank you so much.

MRS & MR Karam
Dr Bernard Kassab is a very professional and caring dr. He is knowledgeable answers all your questions he takes time to explain every detail. He cares about his patients. Dr kassab is very transparent which made me and my husband feel very comfortable during my pregnancy. We fully trust him, in addition to that his staff is amazing in his clinic you feel at ease. I highly recommend him. Thank you dr Kassab for everything.


Thankyou Dr Kassab for your exquisite care and attentiveness in dealing with every situation I inquire about ..your professional care has solved all the troubles and unnecessary operations I underwent before I came to you.. I highly appreciate your accurate diagnosis and easy-steps addition to the follow-up of my annual check..I entrust Dr Kassab with the health of my dear ones and highly recommend his professional knowledge along the warmth of his welcoming clinic .


Wish i knew Dr.Kassab before.Unfortunatly many doctors and gynaocologists Nowadays do not have enough professionalism and understanding of Chronic or complex diseases that may affect any of us!The crazy and frustrating thing is that they uncover symptoms of their exams and tests.For me,seeking an answer as to why i felt so sick so often,and telling me that there were Nothing concrete and its Simply "all in the head".Until i met Dr.kassab,i was diagnosed from the first consultation,he listenned to me patiently and have compassion for what i was going through,started the procedures and the suitable medications.Couldnt feel any better and releifed.Thats why seeking the proper qualified Specialist and i insist on the word "Specialist" that has a lot of experience in treating women and girls in all stages is crucial! Dr.kassab was trained in France wich reflects his expetionnal surgical skills and access to the most Modern procedures.  highly recommend him.Very Proud to have such a Specialist here in Lebanon!


I have been with Dr. Kassab for almost a year and I could not have been in better hands since then. Dr. Kassab was trained in France which reflects in his professionalism and diligent ways. However, training and professionalism is only one aspect that makes him stand out. Contrary to many careless and money-focused Doctors I have came across , Dr. Kassab truly cares for his patients and their well-being as if they were family. He is incredibly human and very approachable. Dr. Kassab does not simply look at an isolated problem and a quick-fix with medication but instead adopts a much more holistic approach which is beneficial for his patients in the long-term. Dr. Kassab is so energetic and a true role model, He keeps educating himself and is constantly striving for improvement in order to offer the most advanced and best care to his patients. It was thanks to him that I delivered a healthy baby boy last week. The delivery was quick , smooth and almost painless. Dr. Kassab , is a Doctor by passion and a blessing to his patients. Lebanon needs more doctors like him! I can only recommend him without any reservation.


No joke Bernard Kassab is the best gynecologist en lebanon! This guy is AMAZING! He genuinely cares about his patients, witch is so rare nowadays with doctors... First let me tell u that due to some problems we were having difficulties conceiving, after trying for several years and beleive me we tried the most prestigious doctors here in lebanon, one of witch nearly killed me... a friend ,thank heaven, recommended this doctor. He took my case and beleive it or not after years of trying 1 month after my first consultation i was pregnant! After that my pregnancy went smoothly and he was there step by step until the delivery even while he was on vacations he check on me EVERY DAY. Now my son is 2 months old! I take opportunity to thank him from the bottom of my heart!!


Very lucky to have found such a professional, hardworking and dedicated Doctor ! More than an amazing service and a very comforting environment. Thank you Dr Kassab for giving us higher expectations and making our experience very memorable and special !



Such a great father, person, and a DOCTOR! My delivery went smooth and easy thanks to God and to Dr. kassab. He explained every single detail and gave me all options and it was for me to decide whether i go for natural delivery or c section because my baby was not in position yet. Thanks to his support, care, and patience, my baby and myself look great today :)



I’m very pleased with my experience at Doctor Bernard Kassab, it’s been 2 years now and it’s a world away from previous experiences elsewhere. It’s good to be treated with professionalism and care, very friendly and compassionate I really appreciate his follow-up and willingness to go over all my questions.. where I always left the clinic feeling much better Thankfully I highly recommend Dr. Kassab !!


MRS & MR Asmar
responsibility better than privilege and practice accountability better than business. Thanks for being one such doc.

Dr Kassab, many of your patients have recommended you as a good doctor. But I am going one step further to also to recommend you as a great human being. Thank you for your care, your smiles, your trust and patience. You’re not only a doctor but a good friend. May God bless you


MRS Denitza

I traveled a few countries during my pregnancy, but I was truly impatient to go back to Lebanon and to give birth under the guidance of Dr. Kassab.
Me and Emma had the greatest possible experience out of this moment thanks to his very high professionalism.
I fully trusted him in every step of my pregnancy and I do not regret it at all.
We were honored to have him beside us.

Denitza and Emma


MRS & MR AL Refai

Dr. Kassab made the dream of having child with my husband a reality. Every time I look at her I feel a great appreciation for what he has done for us. Thank you Dr. Kassab.


 MRS & MR Karmanougian

I am so glad that i have been the patient of Dr. Bernard Kassab since 2008.I really like the way that he treats with patients whatever the cases were.  With all the difficulties that i had he was a great supporter . Thank you for your support and for everything .


Dr. Bernard has been my gynecologist for the last 15 years. He helped get my only child who is 5 years old now. He is really very knowledgeable, meticulous, mindful and always provided me with excellent care and service. I appreciated his friendly behavior, his willingness to listening and solving problems and he always remembers details and follow-up despite a busy practice. His clinic was efficient, well managed, and fully equipped.

For the 15 years, I didn’t know any physicians but him, since I never felt the need to consult a second opinion. I passed some tough moments to have my child, for two years I had 3 missed carriages. However, he never gave up on me, he was understanding and showed empathy but still followed the traditional way to bring me, my child. Even when I was desperate, he never rushed the protocol to come up with expensive solutions.

Most of the mothers that I know had encountered problems of all sorts and had obstetric issues, but since he is my gynecologist, I always felt that gynecology and obstetrics are too pampering. I appreciated his kindness, his professional care as a physician, and trust his reliability since he was consistent for all these years. 


"Doctor with a heart"

Dr Bernard Kassab was very attentive to my needs as a foreigner in a country where I knew no physicians. He attended to my condition immediately upon knowing how fragile I was due to it.

He made arrangements for an anesthesiologist to be available for me the very next day after my first visit to him and we were able to sort my problem out.

Dr Kassab was receptive to my request for wanting my results so that I could show it to my doctor.

Furthermore, he responded promptly to my queries on the social media.

I found Dr Kassab to be a doctor with a heart.
A VERY IMPORTANT Trait for a physician especially one who attends to women issues.



Thank you first of all, for doing this wonderful job. Thank you for reassuring me every time. I was in doubt and every time I stressed during my twins pregnancy and those times were numerous.
Thank you for giving me the solutions to all my little pains of pregnancy, and I had a lot too.

Thank you for listening, because as soon as I leave your clinic, I always feel much better.

Thank you for being available for helping me prepare for my role as a Mom and for sharing with me this magical moment.

Thank you for helping them come to this world.

Highly recommended.

Thanks for being you! 


Bernard Kassab

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