Success rate

 success rate in fertility treatment is influenced  by many parmeter. we have to consider in first place the age of the women. 

The chance of success of a treatment also depends on the time spend to achieve a pregnancy and the number of a good quality ivf cycle with embryos transfer done.

Too many factors to consider when doctor evaluate the success rate of the couple: age, the cause of fertility (one cause or more), how carefully they have been investigated, for how many year they have been trying for a pregnancy, lifestyle factors such as smoking and stress. if all investagations were done like laparoscopy and hysteroscopy procedure have to be done after multiple ivf failure.

When it comes to IVF treatment, the result will depend also of the success rate of the IVF center.  There can be variations between different centers. Most IVF centers in Lebanon are very well equipped and has very good embryologist, so a very good success rate.



You may have brown or pink discharge for one or two days after transfer which is normal.
if any heavy bleeding let your doctor know.
The bhcg blood pregnancy test can be carried out 12 or 14 days after embryo transfer for the most accurate result.


what to do?

Do take your medication properly and continue using your medication as prescribed by the doctor.
Do continue with your daily activities as normal except for those that require physical challenge.
Do avoid stress.Surround yourself with people who will make you feel relaxed and happy and avoid those who may raise your insecurity levels and stress levels.
Do eat plenty of fresh fruits,vegetables and salad in your diet.

what to avoid?

Do not take any additional medication without speaking with the doctor first.
Do not have intercourse for 12 days after embryo transfer.
Do not use a sauna,hot tub or bath(a mild temperature shower is fine 2 days after transfer)
Do not do any vigorous activity(e.g strenuous exercise,heavy cleaning,lifting ect.)which could raise your body temperature.
Do not sunbathe or swim in the sea or public pool.
Do not smoke,take drugs or drink alcohol.
Do not drink cofee or fizzy drinks(light black tea or herbal tea like fennel,chammomile and sage in fine)
Do not do anything which you are not comfortable with(this will help avoid self blame in the ivf cycle does not succeed)


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