Why ivf with dr. kassab

Why IVF with Dr. Bernard Kassab


Infertility is more than a clinical problem and is regarded as a prolonged life crisis. It is associated with risk for depression, feelings of loss, guilt, isolation, sadness, helplessness, as well as sexual and marital problems.  The failure of treatment lead to marital distress in most of the relationships and women and men express feelings of anger, frustration, anxiety, depression and powerlessness. Infertility treatment is associated with numerous emotional, psychological and financial burdens.


As gynecologist specialized in reproductive health, Dr, Bernard Kassab was long time ago implicated with caring for patients who are pregnant, who are trying to get pregnant or who are struggling with infertility. Through years of experience he cumulated knowledge and an exceptional understanding of these contextual situations where psychology is a determinant factor for the success of the IVF procedure. He is aware of the psychological as well as the clinical issues of this treatment, and developed a unique approach as well as customized fertility practices.



There are number of centers and hospitals that offer the IVF in Lebanon, but this procedure is very delicate. The physician you are dealing with has a prominent role and primordial responsibility, and affect greatly the success of IVF. This is why the choice of your physician for IVF in Lebanon is a vital matter and you need to consider it well. Especially that the ethical concern is essential and confusing if you don’t trust the physician you are dealing with.



Dr. Bernard Kassab will work with you closely with prowess and professionalism and will tailor a personalized treatment plan that cope seriously and thouroughly with your concern, and will make your dream of being mother true with the best care.



He will find a possible mean to satisfy your urge of giving birth, which is also your right.



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